At Sushi Hi, we combine three different cuisines to bring you meals that are hearty and healthy, all the while maintaining affordable prices and comfortable dining experience.


We pull inspirations from Korea, Japan, and Hawaii to present to the table a variety of dishes that meet every need. There are the ramen bowls, a classic favorite, that are deep in flavor and have you coming back for more and more. If you're looking for something more generous, we have our traditional poke bowls that pack a raw punch and offer lots of nutrition. Our Hi-Bowls, similarly, take in the artistry of Japanese and Korean foods to make dishes that are comforting and filling. Last, but surely not least, our nigiri and sushi rolls are made fresh every day to ensure maximum quality of taste that won't take a blow at your wallet.


Miso soup, Korean pickles, and spacious private parking out back are always complimentary, so come join us here at Guadalupe St!

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